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segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2018

MEANWHILE - It's getting hotter, and June is soon here!

But that doesn't prevent my work to go on! ;)

Yes, I know I haven't posted for a while, but can now say that Tux is really improving and is just a matter of time for him to get recovered!
Those of you who share your life with a pet will know how much of an impact that has in your mood!

So, with those hard days behind, even if the weather is getting much hotter, it is easier to start focus on doing some interesting stuff, and so I have been doing that!

Some weeks ago, I was fortunate to get a used Korg Minilogue in great shape!
Wasn't thinking of getting one right now (was more eyeing on the Prologue...), but since the price was really good, I just went for it!

So far, I can tell you all I am really pleased with this new synth!

It is definitely not the best synth I have ever tried, but it sounds great and offers really nice features in such a small amount of space (which is really great if you have little place available, which is my case at the moment..).

To be honest, my main grip is that it is a bit too noisy for my taste, but fortunately nothing too extreme, and it can easily be removed with a Noise Gate from my Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine! ;)
I would have also liked if it could run on batteries, but if you want that it seems you'll have to be happy with the Korg Monologue...

I don't want to comment much more on what the synth can do, as I am sure there are many tricks I am still missing...
For instance, in this video I am sharing below, they show a cool trick to add some chorus to your sound, using the sequencer to modulate the time of the delay (which can't be modulated any other way...).

In fact, you can use the sequencer as some kind of "free shape LFO" to modulate any of the parameters you see in the front panel!

This way, you can modulate the shape of the VCOs separately (the LFO can only modulate both VCOs), and still have the LFO modulating the VCF, which makes it a much more versatile synth!

But being honest, I still didn't have much time to try out the sequencer, but can tell you it is definitely on the features I want to spend some time experimenting with after watching this demo!

To terminate this post, I will just say that it is a great machine to create new sounds with!
I haven't spent as much time with it as I would have liked, but still managed to create quite some sounds already!

Oh... and it also sounds pretty amazing with some extra effects!
I tried to process it with some of my Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine patches and the results were truly amazing!

So, if you were considering getting one of these, I can totally recommend you to do so! ;)

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