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quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2018

FOR SALE - May 2018

This is my first for sale post here... And since it is quite on topic, I am starting to think I should have done this before!

And as stupid as it may sound to you, the main reason I didn't is that I didn't really want to put a description that makes it sound like a great piece of gear when I am getting rid of it...

However as you could see from my "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" post, sometimes a piece of gear might be really great, but you just don't really need it or use it in your music...

As you probably saw in some previous posts, I have been trying to remodelling the studio, since it ends up being just too crowded, in a way that it starts interfering with your creativity, which is pretty bad...

Due to this, I have been trying to sell some equipment that I haven't really given much use and that I feel would be more worth giving up to get some extra space available.

This past month, however, considering what happened with my little cat Tux, I have been making a push to actually sell some things for really really nice prices, as it would be nice to get some extra cash to deal with the extra vet expenses we have been facing lately...

I probably have some more stuff I could consider getting rid of, but for now, this is it, with prices I feel are pretty nice, at least considering all those units can do! ;)


Korg Karma - 550€

This unit is in pretty good shape, but the keys are a bit yellowish and one of them is even a bit lift up... I intended to fix that flaw, but unfortunately, ended up never finding the time to open the keyboard...
Other than that, it works pretty well and comes with two EXB-PCM expansion boards installed (EXB-PCM03 Future Loop Construction and EXB-PCM04 Dance Extreme), to add some nice extra sounds to it!

In my opinion, it ends up being a nicer board than the Korg Triton I am keeping (the KARMA function is worth more to me than the touchscreen and limited sampler the Korg Triton has to offer), but that one was my first synth, and you can't really beat that...

If this one sells, I can say right away I will definitely be adding a board with KARMA to my setup when I have more space available!

Korg Micro-X - 275€

Really great compact ROMpler!
It has great sounds like the Korg Triton / Karma, but takes so much less space, and it even has a nice case to be stored in!
Other advantages include USB, so that you can easily use the editor Korg made available!

I would love to keep this one for the portability it offers (and the editor makes it much easier to manage your patches), but I just end up not giving it much use at all to justify keeping it...
But if I start playing live out of the studio, I will most likely end up getting one of these again ;)

Sound Modules:

Creamware Pro 12 - 750€

A great emulation of the classic SCI Prophet 5!
If you search for it, you can find people claiming it sounds more like the real thing than the DSI Prophet 08, which is actually an analog synth!

This unit is in pretty good shape, with only some very minor flaws in the wooden part, and a data encoder that sometimes skip when you are turning it slowly (but in those situations, you have the up / down buttons...).

It sounds really good, and if you want to listen to a demo of this same unit, you can even check it here - Creamware Pro 12 Demo - but I just end up not giving it as much use as I should...
And considering I have similar sounds in my Creamware Noah EX (which is nowhere near as nice to use if you want to program your own sounds...), I rather give up on it since it is still a quite valuable unit (with a very good reason as you can confirm in the demo)!

Yamaha A5000 + TX16w - 300€

Two really nice samplers available in a pack for a really nice price, as I just didn't click that well with the interface of each of them...
I guess that, when it comes to samplers, I seem to find Akai machines much more intuitive...

However, that doesn't mean they are not amazing machines, which they are, as I could confirm when I was giving them a proper test!
But when you have a good amount of choice for the same task that you feel gives you similar results faster, you end up just sticking with them...

However, these two units have some features that make them fairly unique!

For instance, the Yamaha TX16w is the only 12 bit sampler I can think of with digital filters, which definitely gives it a quite unique sound!
And of course, if you own a Yamaha SY99, this unit is a true must, as it can provide samples to it (unfortunately, I only own the Yamaha TG77 and there is no space available for me to add a Yamaha SY99...)

On the other hand, the Yamaha A5000 is a 16 bit sampler with such a power effects unit that is more powerful than any stand alone effects processor you can find for a similar amount...
And of course, you can use it as a standalone effects processor, with up to 6 effects running at once (each of them with 96 different algorithms to choose from)!
If you don't believe it can sound pretty good, just listen to my demo of it processing my old Yamaha PSR150 - Yamaha A5000 as an external effects processor - and those were my first tries, so I'm sure it gets much much better than that! ;)

But that's not all, and from all I remember searching when I was getting my Yamaha A5000, you should be able to layer as many samples as you want with it (or better said, up to 128 which is the polyphony this unit gives you), which means you should be able to create nice additive sounds with it that can be resampled!
Unfortunately, I ended up never having the time to try to do this, but it might give you an hint at how powerful these units actually are! ;)

As I mentioned, I tested both units and the only problem I could find was the typical encoder problem that is affecting the Yamaha A5000...
This should be fixed for proper use, but the unit is usable as it is (as you can confirm from the demo, as it was like that when I programmed those effects in it).
Other than this, the only flaws I can see are some cosmetic marks, but nothing too relevant.

Unfortunately there are no libraries included...
The Yamaha TX16w comes with a floppy disk with the Typhoon OS, while the Yamaha A5000 comes with 68Mb of RAM (128Mb is the maximum) and an internal HD with around 1Gb (basically empty... it has few samples and my effects programs).

I know I will likely be getting them again at a later time, but right now, I feel it's better to get rid of them and have some extra space available in my studio (and right now, the cash will be handy as well). :)

Effects processors:

ARX EQ60 + Yamaha GC2020IIB - 175€

If you need an EQ and a compressor, this is an amazing bundle!

The ARX EQ60 is supposedly an Australian clone of the classic Klark Teknik EQs, but much much cheaper!
The Yamaha GC2020IIB is a more regular compressor, but does it job just fine!

Unfortunately, both units need some clean, as there is some scratching (almost inexistent on the Yamaha GC2020IIB, but considerable in the ARX EQ60), but they are otherwise fine and there is no nasty background noise to any of them.

Rockman Pre-Amp - 50€

This is a small portable headphones amplifier done by Rockman (technically not, but it is their design...) with delay, chorus and overdrive (these last two effects have two different settings), which definitely add something to the sound!

Unfortunately it is a bit noisy, but I guess that is due to being powered by batteries...

Anyway, I put it for a great price exactly because of that (and because I know I'm not really going to use it...).

Yamaha FX-900 (x2 + FC-900) - 200€

These are two amazing effects processors that are more geared to guitar players, but that work really great with synths as well! ;)

Each of these units features 4 independent effects units, each of them with a specific task, and different chains available to route those effects!

Unfortunately, there seem to be some problem with the jacks and switches in the back and sometimes it seems the connection goes bad... It is usually sorted by moving the cable a bit or messing with the switches in the back, but I would strongly suggest a proper check (which is why I am considering this low price).

Together with two of these amazing effects processors, you'll also get a pedal board to select the effects, but unfortunately the cable is still with a friend of mine who seems to be away for a while... Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to create a new cable for it.

(Sorry, no photos for these at the moment... :S)

Drum Controllers:

DrumKAT EZ - 175€

A classic drum controller (with Mickey Mouse shape!) in pretty good condition (barely played with).

However, it needs repairs, as pads 1 and 2 are not responding at all, which means you cannot configure this unit...

It might be something simple,  as described in Jeff Aaron Bryant's blog, or something deeper that will require a new set of FSR sensors...

It comes with the original box and power cable (and a bit of dusty pads still... sorry about that... :S)!

TomKATs (4x7" + 3x11") and KicKAT - 175€

These one might be a bit of a problem to send, but it is a complete set of pads made by Dauz especially for KAT!

These are high quality pads that were barely used, since I ended up never getting the support for them (and since I got complete electronic drum kits since, don't really intend to put more money on these...), so the rubber is in pretty good shape (some are even in their original boxes...).

Dauz seems to just produce these pads on order, but the last time they had prices available, you'd pay over 600€ for a set like this, without considering customs, shipping costs and no KicKAT (which I'm actually not sure was made by Dauz or not...).

But since they are just taking space, I rather get them out of here for a low price (my loss your gain, really!).


Korg MEX-8000 (x2) - 200€

If you have an old Korg unit from the 80s, this unit will most likely be able to store and manage patches from it!

I still have two of them (one like new in box with original documents, while the other has a tiny rusty spot on one side and is missing some documents...), but end up never using them with my Korg Poly 800 MkII (the only machine I can use it with...).
In fact, the only time they were used was to confirm that they actually work, a couple of weeks ago (despite I got them as NOS products from a store around 10 years ago...).

So I think it's really time to let them go!

Korg sound cards for DDD-1/5 and DRM-1 - 55€

The last two cards I have for these machines, a JAZZ1 (sealed) and a TIMBALES1 (in original box).

I got them in a store as NOS products around 10 years, together with many other cards that I sold by now.
During that time, I only used the cards once with the Korg DDD-5 I had, so that I could sample everything with my Akai S6000.
Other than that, they weren't used at all, so there is a big chance that the TIMBALES1 I still have wasn't even used.

If you have one of those machines, it is a great complement from them, but I don't have one and don't really see myself adding one to my setup anytime soon, so I rather get them out! ;)

And yes, in the photo you can see how much they costed originally... :S

Pro Tools 7 (for M-Audio sound cards) - 25€

This is the cheapest one of the bunch, since I really have no use for this software, as my M-Audio card is long gone!

Unfortunately, this means I can't give it a proper testing, but can say I never had any problem with it!

Included is a CD and a dongle (as shown in the photo below)

And last, but not least, I still have some old guitar pedals that I am start thinking about selling...
These are:

DOD 690 - Very unique Chorus / Ensemble pedal, with a mod that provides an extra switch to access a variation of this effect. I uploaded a short demo you can check here (I feel it works much better with pads, but since I did that demo for a guitar player, I went for something more percussive...) - DOD 960 modified with extra effect type switch

LocoBox CosmoChorus - A rare chorus unit, with a really nice sound to it (when I compared it with the Boss CE2 I had, didn't feel this one was a worse unit, quite the opposite...).

Pearl AD-33 - Analog delay with two different settings that can be easily switched with a pedal, and a great sound to it!

Yamaha FL-10M II - Nice flanger pedal in original box.

Yamaha OD-10M II - Nice overdrive pedal in original box.

I have put some adverts on the DOD 690 and LocoBox CosmoChorus for 500€ (offering the Rockman unit I mentioned before), but could definitely consider a nicer price if you take more pedals! ;)

Don't get me wrong, these pedals are great and can provide quite some unique sound (especially the DOD... I tried to emulate that kind of chorus with my Eventide ModFactor and couldn't get anywhere close...), and sometimes they can be the perfect secret weapon to use in a track!

But being honest, most of the times I end up just using my rack units, and I honestly don't see that changing...

When I see how valuable some of these pedals have became, I just feel that it ends up being more worth it for me to sell them, especially at this moment...

And I think this covers it!

If you have some kind of question regarding any of these instruments, or you want more photos, don't hesitate to contact me (best place might be the Synth-ing's own Facebook page, but you can leave a reply to this post as well).

And of course, if something gets sold, I will try to upload it in this post!

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