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quinta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2017


Some years ago, I got a Korg T2EX that needed a battery replacement...

Fortunately Korg did a good job with these synths, making it extremely easy to replace the battery!

All I needed to do was getting a new CR2032 Lithium Battery and put it in the place of the old one, with no soldering required!

The only problem is, these old keyboards were not built like the keyboards of today, which means opening them could be a bit more challenging...
Challenging might not actually be the best of terms, but it took quite some time to remove all the screws in order to remove the lower metal plate and have access to the main boards, so that the battery could be replaced.

But other than the time it takes to do, it is a pretty easy task and I could actually store patches on it then!

And to make it more worth it, I also got some photos of the inside while doing this battery replacement, which I'm sharing now!

It might not be as "sexy" as an old analog keyboard, but I felt it would still be interesting to many of you, so I hope you enjoy this post! :)

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