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quinta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2017


This one might be a bit off topic, since they aren't actually headphones meant to be used in music production, but I felt it was worth making a post about them!

Despite the title, I should actually still have them somewhere, but since they are broken, it's kinda like they are gone...

The reason they are not forgotten is that they were the worst possible headphones I have ever tried, at least when it came to reliability, and I never ever intend to buy another product from these guys and would never recommend any of you to do so either!

Starting with the beginning... I got those headphones on a Black Friday promotion some years ago in Oslo.
The price was quite discounted and I felt it was time to finally get some better headphones for listening to music while having my daily subway ride!

By then, I had only gotten headphones that were considerably cheaper (at least 4 times, if I consider the regular price of these Monster DNA headphones), and sooner or later, those ended up suffering from problems (usually within a year or so).

Considering these were much expensive, I thought it would be a different story this time, but I was clearly wrong...

By far, these were the worst headphones I had when it came to reliability, and they broke twice under the warranty with only around 3 months of use, or even less...

The first time, I got them replaced by new ones.

But when it happened again, I was no longer in Norway and haven't been back since, so there wasn't much to be done...
I could have sent it to a friend for repairs, but considering how fast they developed problems, I felt it just wasn't worth sending them...

The worst part is that, with all these troubles, I can't even remember if they were actually that good when it came to sound quality!

What I can say for sure is that I really don't really feel like ever giving them a chance again, cause this was really a very disappointing experience... :(

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