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sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº28!

And this was the first in which I used the amazing Symbolic Sounds Kyma Capybara 320 as a sound source!

And if you want to listen or re-listen to it, you can do so here!

Previously, I had only used Kyma as an effects processor, but this time, I decided to go one step further and use it as a sound source as well!

Since I'm still learning Kyma, I decided to create a simple sound source, a bit similar to what I used in my previous drone performances using the Clavia Nord Modular G1 (which you can find here and here), but even simpler!

What I did was to consider 4 different oscillators, with FM (oscillator 1 modulates oscillator 2, oscillator 2 modulates oscillator 3 and oscillator 3 modulates oscillator 4), and process each of those oscillators with a VCF before mixing them together!

I wanted to create a module equivalent to the classic DUSG from Serge, but unfortunately didn't have the time for that...

To compensate for this "flaw", I ended up adding two stages of nice Kyma effects after mixing the different oscillators!

To add some thickness to the sound, I added two pitch-shifters, which are them mixed with the original signal and sent to a reverb module!

To make things more interesting, the output of the reverb module is sent back to be processed by the pitch-shifters in the only feedback used in this patch!

To control everything I used once again my Akai MIDIMix!

This patch actually had more parameters than what I could assign, so I had to choose the most interesting parameters to be assigned to the knobs / sliders.

Unfortunately, some problems showed up at the end of my performance and I stopped being able to control my Capybara 320 with the Akai MIDIMix...

This actually prompted me to finish the performance a bit before it was supposed to, but fortunately this wasn't a serious problem!

It made me a bit scared, as my initial impression was that the MIDI In had stopped working in the Capybara 320, but fortunately it was just some crash of the MIDI setup in my computer!

I thought it was a fun performance, with some nice moments and very interesting sounds!

The patch I used was pretty simple, which definitely makes me look forward to know more about Kyma and create more complex patches for my next performances!

But as mentioned in my previous performances, the sounds I made for Kyma won't be available and no further details are given as I don't have my Symbolic Sounds Kyma Capybara 320 with me, which means I have no way to open the sounds and do some nice print screens...

Still, I hope this short post about the performance ends up being interesting and that you could enjoy listening to it as well!

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