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segunda-feira, 24 de julho de 2017

MEANWHILE - What goes up...

I know I promised to put this post earlier, but this July has been really really busy...

This is the main reason why I haven't posted much here in this blog (I know there are still quite some performances missing) and why I haven't started playing again at radio

But that's not the only reason, as I felt a need to rethink my performances in order to make them better...

The main reason for this is that this past saturday, the 22nd of July, I was supposed to have my first live performance ever in front of an audience!
But due to some unforeseeable reasons, that didn't happen, which made me really sad as I was quite excited about it...

Still, this opportunity made me really want to up my game as much as possible to give the audience a truly worth watching performance!

When I started performing the "Synth-ing NºX" series at radio, my main idea was to demonstrate some more technical ideas and the possibilities different pieces of gear can offer.

While I think my performances have served well for this purpose, I also think that, for a wider audience, I should likely try to go for performances that are a bit more diverse than what I have done lately...

Despite this, I still want to continue performing with a small set of gear!

The trick will be to take the most out of the gear I will be using, which will definitely motivate me to learn it better!

That is in fact what I have been trying to do lately, as I have been reading a lot about my Symbolic Sounds Kyma, which is indeed a machine I have barely been able to show off in my performances (despite I could still obtain very interesting effects with it).

And since I will be returning to my studio soon, I will have a wider selection of gear available, including my trustworthy Clavia Nord Modular G2 which I didn't have the chance to bring to sunny Algarve...

This will also make it easier to come up with newer performances as it will be very easy for me to use a complete different set of gear, with different strengths, in two different performances!

With all this, you can be sure that Synth-ing is going to have plenty of exciting new posts soon, featuring new performances and videos as well!

I am not exactly sure when will I be back "full-time", but it will hopefully be in a week or so!

So be sure to follow Synth-ing, as exciting times await for you here, after this small Summer break! ;)

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