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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

MEANWHILE - Happy 707 day!

With lots of nice drum patterns flowing your way!

Unfortunately I sold mine some years ago, as I felt I didn't need it since I was keeping my Roland TR-909 (which is considerably more versatile and allows realtime tweaking of the sounds).

I also felt that I could capture the basic sound of my Roland TR-707 with my samplers (as I mentioned in this post, which features a comparison between the sound of the Roland TR-707 and the samples of it made with my Akai S6000).

But if you ask me, I still feel it is a pretty nice drum machine with a great sound and a really nice sequencer!
And to make things more interesting for proper use, it features individual outputs and sliders to mix the individual sounds!

I can totally understand why it is a classic and definitely wouldn't mind getting one back (when I have more space available...).

To those who still have theirs, I wish you enjoy the day and hope you create some nice drum patterns with yours!

P.S. - More posts are coming, but it has been a bit of a busy week... Will post something more about it soon! ;)

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